Vital Energy

Ilma Mendoza . LMT, Massage, Polarity and Reiki

About The Practitioner

Ilma Mendoza

Well-being and health have been one of my work commitments throughout the development of my professional career as a physiotherapist at the beginning, studying and applying techniques that will allow me to recover mobility and lost skills, as well as reduce or alleviate pain and other symptoms that in the physical plane could be worked on.

As a Holistic Massage Therapist, I have acquired the knowledge and learned the techniques that allow in a treatment session to achieve a relaxing, emotionally pleasing effect along with the physiological benefits of bodywork.

Then my intuition and the daily work with patients led me to look for other methods and techniques that would allow me to provide an integral benefit more from the physical plane, and I immersed myself in the energy field with practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki and Reflexology.